Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the fundamental questions for you to learn more about us.

1. Why do I want to hire a licensed private investigator?

Experience and Training as a Licensed Private Investigator: Investigators licensed by the state have extensive experience and training. To qualify as an investigator, one must learn to structure investigative questions strategically, comprehend body language, and perform objective interviews. These elements are required to carry out deep investigations. Additionally, licensed investigators are also expected to maintain confidentiality and provide the investigation results only to their clients and the court.
Judicial System Recognition of Licensed Private Investigators: Our judicial system recognizes the skill and training of licensed private investigators. A licensed private investigator is well trained regarding the rules of evidence and the various legal and court procedures. Courts readily admit the evidence showcased by a licensed investigator and ensure no bias occurs.
Education, Testing, and Licensure of Licensed Private Investigators: With state licensure, California attests that the individual hired to conduct an investigation is liable to obtain information from the client regarding his identity, habits, conduct, business, and more.
State Oversight of Licensed Private Investigators: Licensed investigators are subject to state oversight by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security & Investigative Services. To obtain a private investigator license, an individual must complete a state exam mandated by law. The applicant must also have completed at least 6000 hours of supervised experience, undergone a background check, and submitted fingerprints to state and federal governments.

2. How much will it cost?

The services that we offer to our clients are billed on an hourly basis. The more information you provide, the faster we can identify the subject of your investigation, thus leading to reduced time and cost. The last known address, social security number, and date of birth are some of the basic details that we require from your end to carry out our investigation. Common names such as ‘John Smith’ take longer to identify due to the potentially high volume of records.

3. How do you handle “CONFIDENTIAL” matters?

We are sensitive to the needs and concerns of our clients. We take every measure to ensure the security and confidentiality of our findings. All case-related paperwork waste is cross-shredded to ensure maximum protection.